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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary craftsmanship. And that is exactly the kind of unique, out-of-the-box artisan-ship that satis&fy can offer by helping create your future eye-catching pop-up store. With a smart design and custom furniture, we enjoy laying out all ideas on the table, putting our creativity to the test and thinking along with you to develop your pop-up store into a successful tool for your brand.

Nowadays, more so than ever before, there is also a strong need for temporary sales points ensuring a safe flow of visitors, counters where new products can be tested or Covid-19 safe collection points for your store / restaurant. There are several ways in which a pop-up store can contribute to strengthening your brand value, including generating (extra) sales and supporting an efficient workflow.

satis&fy has many years of experience in furnishing event and retail spaces, setting up pop-up stores and brand activation points and carrying out store renovations. Counters, display cabinets, product showcases, signage, branding, you name it. Everything is developed and produced in-house.

Shop window

Nothing catches customer eyes faster than a shop window!

  • What is the best way to accentuate your shop’s name?
  • How can we make your shop window a show stopper that stands out in a long line of shops on a busy retail street?
  • How can you efficiently tell the story of your brand within the physical boundaries of your shop window?
  • How can your shop window entice your customers to visit the store?

Whether it is with graphics, 3D creations, video & light installations, or custom elements, we can bring the vision of your ideal shop window to life.

Product display

There’s no better way to showcase your best-selling items than to present them on specially crafted product displays.

Whether small or large, round or square, short or tall, standard or custom-made, functional or interactive, product displays come in all sizes, colors, materials and shapes.

We do not shy away from any creative challenge and always strive to find the best solution within your budget.

The sky is the limit in the product display world.


  • Are you tired of using standard counters?
  • Do you want a counter that matches the look of your pop-up store?
  • Or maybe you need a workbench that gives customers the opportunity to participate in a creative workshop?

A counter can be the secret element in a shop fitting; a distinctive stand-alone unit executed in a stylish design.

Technical support

In addition to all custom-made displays and counters, satis&fy can also support you in technical solutions for your pop-up store.

In temporary shops, the power supply is often drastically outdated or not suitable for the needs of the installation. Our specialists can advise you on this or provide you with a new solution.

In addition to a good power supply, a stable and adequate WiFi network is crucial for both your customers and your store. Many payment applications and interactive applications benefit from this and are crucial for your business operations. satis&fy understands the need for this and has reliable solutions for this.

All those beautiful displays and products naturally also require good store lighting. We have the right in-house specialists for this and can offer you the most suitable solution.

View our showcases for inspiration or make an appointment with one of our Project Managers to discuss the possibilities.

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