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Nike Air Max Pulse

Immersive campaign for Nike Air Max Pulse in the flagship store “House of Innovation Paris” | satis&fy collaborated with Modem Works and Royal Club and implemented their design.


On this year’s Air Max Day (March 26th), Nike unveiled the Air Max Pulse, a new edition of the Air Max 270 inspired by the London music scene. Visitors were invited to render their “Feeling of Air” into their own sound streams and visualize them with the help of AI. The launch campaign which was conceived by various creative agencies and developed and implemented with the support of satis&fy proves once again that innovation and synergies among different service providers can go hand in hand.

Every year on March 26th, the sporting goods manufacturer, Nike, celebrates Air Max Day – an event and springboard to present the product innovations with inspired and exceptional campaigns to an excited audience. Especially in the flagship store “House of Innovation Paris”, which satis&fy has been rigging with changing campaigns as a permanent partner of Nike since its opening in 2020.

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This year, the Air Max Pulse was the center of attention along with its 2,400 m2 exhibition space on the Champs-Élysées.

The creative and design agency Modem Works created a matching immersive retail installation that brought to life the bond between Nike and the music scene for 14 days. At an interactive mixer, visitors were invited to transpose their “Feeling of Air” into completely customized sounds, which were then seamlessly visualized into AI-generated images.

satis&fy supported the subsequent development of the design until it was truly feasible, was responsible for setting up and dismantling the two campaign installations and guide on statics, safety and technical details. For the set-up, satis&fy was on site with a crew of 18 people to build the installations in alternating day and night shifts.

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„We always feel reassured working with the skilled team at satis&fy. They understand the details in our designs and their great teamwork helps bring our ideas to life smoothly“, so Astin le Clercq, Co-Founder und Design Director, Modem Works.

Experience "Pulse"

The real eye-catcher of the “Air Max Pulse” campaign was the audiovisual installation, which was modeled on a DJ booth. Flanked by speaker stacks from the L-Acoustics, brand, which normally provide sound for festivals of 10,000 visitors, which were chosen mainly for their design, visitors could mix their own sounds via touchscreens and visualize them on large-scale LED screen arrays. At the center of the experience was the new Nike sneaker with its “Extreme Comfort”, “Hyper Durable” and “Max Volume” attributes, which were exhibited by speakers that underlined these assets.

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Air Max Experiment

At the same time, a second installation was put up in the “Sneaker Lab” which is the sales area in the House of Innovation to draw attention to the Air Max Pulse: The “Air Max Experiment” was conceived by the Royal Club creative agency and showed the Air Max Pulse above a luminous “sound wave” moving in a sine wave between two speaker pyramids. For seven weeks, satis&fy worked with Royal Club to develop the experiment, finding the right motors, wire cables and suspensions for the perfect optical illusion, so that the result matched the vision and the reality.

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Other campaigns at the House of Innovation

Photos: Benoit Florençon