THE FRAME Düsseldorf

NextM „Play the Future“ 2023

GroupM’s industry event brings together 700 experts on questions concerning the digital future.

According to the motto “Play the future”, this year’s NextM brought together professionals from marketing, media, science and tech to discuss the major trends and topics of the digital future.

Interdependence between the digital and real worlds

Initiated by GroupM Germany, 700 experts – in THE FRAME/ Düsseldorf – which influences current trends have on the world of communication, advertising and media and on our social life as well as what this means for certain areas – and also to keep thinking innovatively, and to dare to take a look into the future.

satis&fy implemented NextM in April 2023 as a full service provider in the fields of technology and set construction. Digital transformation and the growing interdependence between the digital and real worlds served the satis&fy creation team as the basis for the development of the design and spatial concept.


Stringent concept & highlights of custom builds

In close coordination with our client, GroupM, the concept ran firmly through two event halls. This resulted in several highlights of custom builds, such as a plenary stage in the shape of a gaming controller or a large “tech tree” made of real plants and trusses as an eye-catcher in the middle of the exhibition and catering hall.

The elements were revisited at various places in both event halls. The use of real plants and wooden elements combined with trusses and artificial lighting effects gave the event a special feel and underlined the fusion between the digital and analog worlds (technology and nature). Additional elements – such as clouds placed on the ceiling or the NextM mascot made of Forex panels – rounded off the concept.


optimal conditions

While Hall 1 provided the space for exhibition stands of various GroupM partners and catering, Hall 2 was all about lectures and learning. The special stage of the main area was equipped with four LED walls (between one and 28 m2) as requested by the customer.

Not only could visitors go to the plenary area (main area), but they could also attend various themed presentations in two breakout areas. Two additional masterclass zones adding up to a total of five lecture and exchange areas provided optimal conditions to get the best result for the customer and the participants in one day.


complete in-house implementation

With NextM, we were once again able to prove the broad and comprehensive positioning of satis&fy and the high standards customers can expect from us: starting with the provision of the suitable location by our sister company spaces mgt, to the development of the appropriate concept and the complete in-house implementation with custom builds, lighting, sound and video.

Photos: Marius Görris, GroupM