House of Innovation 002

Satis&fy provides various retail touchpoints for the new “House of Innovation” in Paris

On July 30th, Nike launched its third worldwide House of Innovation in Paris. Being the first version of this concept in Europe, Nike’s House of Innovation is meant to inspire consumers with digital solutions while setting high standards for the future of retail. Satis&fy AG in Karben was responsible for the engineering, construction and installation of the digital touchpoints in new flagship store.

Luring consumers back into brick and mortar retail is the main problem most retailers are currently facing. With Nike’s “House of Innovation” concept, consumers are given a hybrid digital / physical shopping experience. Following the success of the House of Innovation concept in New York and Shanghai, Nike chose Paris as the next city to attract consumers with a personalized, digital shopping experiences that provides behind the scenes insight into the company’s greatest moments of innovation. Spanning four levels, and over 2,400 square meters, this Parisian temple offers an impressive end-to-end consumer journey for the French sports community.

Shop space as an experience area

In addition to digital enablement, the brand’s Paris store also offers analogue experiences: athlete consultations, product personalization, and recycling programs, as well as the largest global sneaker lab. With this, Nike illustrates that the focus is consistently on the customer experience.

For the launch of the Alphafly running campaign in Paris, satis&fy contributed a hybrid analogue and digital designed interaction. The pop-up installation and temporary narrowcasting touchpoints, prototyped and fabricated in Karben, were executed in the large promotional space at the entrance of the flagship store. For this, our team specialist for live communication and 3D marketing worked closely with Nike, creative agency Hotel Creative, and the content manager Accept & Proceed from London.

Make products tangible

To continuously offer customers a new shopping experience, the promotional area on the ground floor will regularly change out based on seasonal products. For this initial itteration, satis&fy contributed two digital installations, a running track display, and a “fan zone” tribute to marathon world record runner Eluid Kipchoge.

For the Alphafly launch, several mannequins were placed on custom crafted pedestals in the windows. Constructed of LED panels and ticker tape the name of the respective shoe was displayed.

For the permanent installation of the “Nike Air Innovation Timeline Wall”, a permanent we told the story about the history, and innovations of the Nike Air Max. Satis&fy produced multi-canvas shoe plinths incorporating screens, displays, and graphics.

Fitting recommendations for an optimal and personalized Nike sports bra are available thanks to machine learning in the Bra Fit by Nike Fit area on the first floor. Satis&fy created the exhibition platforms.

At the interactive “Move to play” section, children have the opportunity to get to know the brand and its products in a playful way with a custom created virtual running track. This illuminated hexagonal track, was designed and prototyped by satis&fy in its Karben workshop.

Sustainability as part of the retail concept

Firmly anchoring sustainability in its all  retail stores is of upmost importance to Nike as they move to zero waste. This is demonstrated in the Paris store with the “Move To Zero” display, an installation implemented by Satis&fy. The display shows that the brand’s sports bras are made from recycled PET bottles, and teaches customers about the Move to Zero initiative, which foresees retailers aiming to reduce their CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The Paris store is not only a strong visual statement, but a platform for the brand to tell the story about how they plan to help the planet moving forward. Furthermore, the Paris store is made from 85 tons of environmentally friendly materials.


At the beginning of September, satis&fy was back in Paris for the actual football campaign where it contributed to the extensive and innovative consumer experience with several installations.

Custom crafted pedestals in the shop windows \\ Copyright Benoît Florençon

ARENA CORE \\ Copyright Benoît Florencon

ARENA CORE \\ “Suspended” mannequins in the entrance area hang above a virtual running track made of LED flooring with a 1.9 millimeter pixel pitch. To highlight the feeling of speed, the floor was customized with a heat source and a special sound background was added \\ Copyright Benoît Florençon

ARENA FANZONE \\ Rotors in the display walls stand for speed. LED panels show Kipchoge’s best time \\ Copyright: Benoît Forencon

Arena Fanzone \\ Copyright: Benoît Florençon

Move to Zero \\ Nike Green Campaign. Two rotors keep the installation moving.

KIDS POD \\ Kids discover interactive games and options on the Move to Play column, a hexagon made out of 1.9 mm LED tiles \\ Copyright: Nike


Innovation Timeline Wall \\ Back to the future x Air Max.