Yes to live, but with a digital reach?

Go.Digital – the event platform with few limitations.

Do you want strong participant management, live engagement tools, match-making capability and app functionality? We can help! 100% GDPR compliant.

Go.Digital is versatile, flexible to use and scalable:

  • Go.Digital can be programmed as a progressive web app and allows uncomplicated use on mobile devices. With “Add to Homescreen” the platform can be placed on the screens of all mobile devices without installation. This enables push notifications and a 2nd screen experience.
  • With the event platform, participants can be invited individually via a CI-compliant registration website. The invite comes through via an automated and individualized e-mail. For hybrid events, accreditation can be made possible via barcode, QR code or RFID. Depending on the desired security level, registration is also carried out using two-factor authentication (token procedure).
  • If there is already an existing invitation process, this can be integrated.
  • Room plans help not to lose sight of both hybrid and purely digital events. Any 2D plan or 3D plan as a jpeg can be uploaded.
  • A clear, central agenda supports the event. Events running simultaneously in different rooms are displayed separately and make selection easier. Favourites can be selected, and the personalized agenda can be compiled.
  • In addition to the agenda, the menu options help structure the event. Details about speakers can be requested, favourites can be searched, and match-making can be activated via the Connect module.
  • Whichever room / event you are in, the live stream e.g. One-To-Many is always displayed first at the top. A full-screen mode allows full-screen viewing. Room-specific details and interaction options are also always shown on this “event” landing page.
  • In the case of many-to-many events, the room layout initially remains the same. Depending on your infrastructure and regulations of your IT department, we use public tools for many-to-many events such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom or for more control over the bandwidth our specially hosted Jitsi servers.
  • We control whether we display your presentation and your live image side-by-side or as a picture-in-picture via our graphics control centre. Documents can be downloaded later via a download area.
  • Every participant can participate live in Q&A. Depending on the setting, the questions can be edited.
  • The standard package includes polling / voting with five questions and five possible answers. Various configuration options allow the response options to be set. The number of questions is adjustable.
  • In addition to Q&A and voting, Wordcloud functionality is also integrated as a standard and included via the PushNotifications app. Further interaction options can be integrated if required.
  • In digital events, meetings between people must be supported much more actively. Each participant has the opportunity to fill out and activate an information sheet (criteria can be defined by the organizer).
  • This allows participants to be brought together via the Connect module and matched based on your entries. The resulting communication is initiated via email contact.

Is that exactly what you need? We look forward to giving you more information on this, so please contact us at