satis&fy and HAGEN INVENT put on FORD dealer convention for over 2500 guests


From November 13 to 18, 2022, the Koelnmesse was dedicated to the future of the blue Ford oval. The planning was tight, but thanks to inspired use of the space, futuristic room design and a long history of trusted cooperation between satis&fy, Hagen Invent and Ford-Werke GmbH, the FUTURE FORD DACH Event 2022 radiated all it had to show: professionalism, boldness, innovation.

Eight short weeks stood between idea and reality. On behalf of and partnering with Hagen Invent and Ford, satis&fy transformed Hall 1 of the Koelnmesse to the Ford world of today and tomorrow. Over 2500 guests, consisting of owners, managers and salespeople from Ford dealerships, along with many domestic and international Ford employees, got an immersive experience of Ford’s sparkling new brand focus. satis&fy stood by from the start with its professional expertise and its knowledge of the automobile industry.



Im Auftrag von und in Zusammenarbeit mit Hagen Invent und Ford formte satis&fy die Halle 1 der Koelnmesse in kürzester Zeit zur Ford-Welt der Gegenwart und Zukunft. So konnten die über 2.500 Gäste, bestehend aus Inhabern und Geschäftsführern sowie Verkäufern von Ford Autohäusern als auch vielen nationalen und internationalen Ford-Mitarbeitern, die brandneue Ford-Markenausrichtung immersiv erleben. satis&fy stand von Anfang an mit fachlicher Expertise, aber auch Kenntnissen der Automobilbranche zur Seite.


„Especially when there is little advance planning time, it is important to speak your customer’s language and get into their frame of mind. For Ford – and for us as well – a core part of the strategy is getting people excited live and in person. We want to rouse emotions that remain well after the event itself. Show, don’t tell. With this focus, and thanks to our many years of cooperation, it was possible to make this vision of the Ford Future Event a reality for today“, said Dirk Holzhäuser, Projekt manager with satis&fy.



Passenger cars and utility vehicles roll onward at “headlamp level” with each other – and so it was at the dealer’s convention that they received the same amount of space, and the same importance. The “Adventurous Spirit” of the passenger division occupied one side of the hall while the versatile, hands-on “Ford Pro” utility vehicles occupied the other. Ford is far more than a pure auto manufacturer in this sense. When you demand “Pro”, you get “Pro”: whether in terms of service, financing, software, vehicles, or charging. And in the other corner, the passenger division pulsed under the banners “Ultimate Outdoor”, “Active Adventure”, “Urban Escape” and “Wild Performance”.

Over 135 square meters of projection screens and more than 650 square meters of banners, made in collaboration with BBDO and HAGEN INVENT, made the Ford worlds tangible: Audacity, adventurousness and professionalism were translated into design language in larger-than-life impressions of vehicles from Ford’s Outdoor Lifestyle and Full Service concepts.

What both divisions have in common is not only the future-oriented focus on E-mobility, but also their spirit: versatile vehicles born of a unified vision, connected at their core. This was visualized by the round center stage (with overhead LED cube for streams and presentations) where all parts of the convention both literally as well as figuratively flowed together. The new marketing direction was presented here, complemented by live cuts to experts in the Köln-Niehl Ford headquarters.



Greetings and introductions for a total of five large groups across six days were prepared by Dr. Christian Weingärtner, Managing Director of Ford DACH. He was personally aided during the evening event by the directors of the two divisions with a very brief but impassioned show featuring, of course, a preview of many new vehicles from the Ford product range in the coming months. In-depth discussions of 24 vehicles with experts from the thematic worlds rounded out the evening. These topics were then given more thorough technical treatment on the following day in five different workshops where guests took part in alternation.

The design of the rooms and surfaces proved to be perfectly adapted to needs and requirements. Together, focused, efficient: three spaces whose translucent walls underscored the event’s futuristic character, served as workspaces, while two seminars took place in the main space between (and on) the vehicles.

In addition to event planning and consulting on the design and use of the space, satis&fy was responsible for rigging, stage construction, A/V, cameras and lighting, successfully bringing off the event without a technical hitch.


Fotos: Huy Nguyen