Training start 2023

satis&fy: and YOU are there!

Welcome to the satis&fy family – an exciting time in the event industry begins for 19 trainees and one dual student.

The new training year began on August 1
into the new training year.

“A” as in: August – that means start of training. As in every year, the new training year began on August 1 and we are very pleased to welcome our new trainees at four of our German sites.

Thus, in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Karben and Werne, 19 young people are starting their careers: Event Technology Specialist, Event Management Specialist, Warehouse Logistics Specialist, Visual Marketing Designer, Media Designer Image & Sound and IT Specialist for Systems Integration. This year, for the first time, there is also a dual student.

Each new training year is different

“Even though a new training year starts every year – it is always different, new and exciting. Also for us trainers and for all colleagues who work with the trainees at the respective locations,” says Sandra Kessler, training coordinator at satis&fy.

“Everyone comes with their own individual expectations, meets many new faces and is confronted with various new impressions. In addition, there is the excitement before the new challenges: how is the team, the colleagues, the working environment? And how will the first few days go? It’s important for us to pick up the young people well and give them a good feeling right from the start.”


Good onboarding is important

For this reason, satis&fy relies on a structured onboarding concept to give trainees and new employees in general the best possible start in the company.

Thus, the onboarding concept is an essential part of the first week of training, which, however, first started on the first morning with a casual round of getting to know each other, Q&A and a tour of the company. In addition to handing out work materials and presenting the first event project – which is traditionally planned and carried out by the trainees – the day was rounded off by a relaxed dinner at an Italian restaurant.

After the first ice had been broken, day two began with a more detailed presentation of the company and the various areas of responsibility. Representatives of individual departments gave the trainees an insight into their work and answered questions.

The highlight of the third day was the personal meeting and exchange with CEO Nico Ubenauf, who took plenty of time to answer all the questions in detail. Afterwards, the group got serious and the implementation of their first joint event project was on the agenda.


First successful event project "We are the new ones"

And? “It was a successful event in a relaxed atmosphere,” explains Marc Schütz, training coordinator at satis&fy. “It’s fun to see with how much ambition and commitment the trainees mastered this task. With this first challenge, they have proven that they are just right in the event industry.”

In the second week, all trainees then return to their locations. There, the warehouse staff will give our “newcomers” – regardless of their training profession – an introduction to the warehouse for a few days before the trainees from Düsseldorf, Berlin and Werne move on to their specialist departments from week 3.

For the Karben trainees, on the other hand, the next project awaits them directly in week 3. They will support the satis&fy team in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the local Karben Open Air (KOA), which will take place “around the corner” from the Karben headquarters from August 18 to 20, 2023. This means they are directly involved in a major event and can gain their first experience. From week 4, the Karbeners will then also switch to their specialist departments and off they go on their journey. Support and together with us!

Shall we get to know each other?

MicrosoftTeams-image (8)

Shall we get to know each other?

For all those who are wondering whether the event industry is also just right for them, we have good news. On the following dates / locations you can get to know satis&fy and the training opportunities with us and make first contacts with our training team:

05.09.2023: BVB education fair Dortmund
Please register in advance via the link.

30.09.2023: stuzubi Frankfurt am Main.
Get your free ticket via the link.

10.10.2023: Training casting Altenstadt
Please register in advance via mail on this page.

More information about the apprenticeship

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