Live Matters Group and Entertainment Technology Partners Join Forces

Creating Massive Global Network of Extraordinary Brands

Live Matters Group, the holding company of satis&fy, Habegger and SPACES MGT, is joining forces with Entertainment Technology Partners (ETP), the parent company to a global collection of exceptional independent brands in the events and entertainment industry.

Together, Live Matters Group and ETP will accelerate new ways of communicating for live, virtual and broadcast productions along with creating purpose-driven, adaptable environments that creatively engage audiences.

“Together, we stand ready.”

In this joint venture, the combined group will design, plan and execute audience engagement solutions as well as offer local hub services in 30 locations throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Qatar.

“ETP and Live Matters Group believe in the power of a diverse network made up of experts in all areas of event technology, from live entertainment and corporate events to scenic/stage design, experiential and more,” says David John, ETP COO and EVP. “Together, we are realizing our shared vision to become a global leader in audience engagement by bringing together like-minded brands with their own unique set of strengths.”

“The world changed dramatically during the pandemic. The future of audience engagement is happening now,” says Les Goldberg, ETP chairman and CEO. “While we believe that larger meetings will make a roaring comeback, we also see a new trend of multiple, concurrent regional hyperconnected meetings. Together, we stand ready to help our clients deliver their message to their attendees in a format and location of their choosing.”

We are redefining the future of audience engagement

Clients of Live Matters Group and ETP will now benefit from a broadened global network of experts, cutting-edge technology and scenic capabilities across seven countries, along with the ability to quickly deploy best-in-class audience engagement solutions with more than 1,000 employees in the US and EU.

“We are creating a trailblazing network of extraordinary brands that will set a new standard in our industry as a full-service operation,” says Nico Ubenauf, Live Matters Group chairman. “We made this decision with our clients in mind. They’ll enjoy an expanded vertical integration of services, local support in seven different countries and overall, a significantly greater value.”

The acceleration of technology adoption and digitalization resulting from the global pandemic has made storytelling and creative content top priority for brand growth and attendee retention.

“Event technology has transformed to create truly shared experiences among in-person and remote attendees, leveraging immersive experiences with advancements in consumer-focused 3D technologies, widely available 5G, and ongoing improvements in XR, AR and VR capabilities. By joining forces with Live Matters, we are redefining the future of audience engagement,” says BJ Singh, President of ETP North America.

“We are creating a trailblazing network of extraordinary brands.”

This is fantastic news

In the United States, clients will enjoy the benefits of 15 locations and 600,000 sq. ft. of warehouse inventory, resulting in a broadened technology offering, reduced logistics costs and more environmentally sustainable solutions.

“This is fantastic news for satis&fy clients,” says Giles Rickett, Managing Director at satis&fy in Portland, Ore. “With this partnership, we quadrupled our AV inventory, sped up logistics response time and became more competitive nationwide. Further, we gained exclusive access to on-site support and inventory inside five key venues across the US.”

Similarly in Europe, an expanded number of locations will allow Live Matters and ETP brands to fulfill high-end event solutions throughout the UK and the EU with better logistics and local equipment and technical support.

“Having a significant number of global hubs where we can facilitate live and virtual audience engagement locally will de-risk our customers’ concerns regarding the movement of goods, people and reduced travel in a post-COVID world,” says Paul Hutton, President of ETP Europe.

Brexit is no longer a big challenge for us

In addition to engaging events, the appetite for activated spaces and immersive experiential environments is greater than ever. With this announcement, the team is positioned to quickly deliver large-scale integration projects without geography as a factor.

“The project management, scenic and creative capabilities of satis&fy are some of the best in the business,” says Neil Morrison, President of SI. “Together with our combined expertise and resources, we will be ready to deliver next-level immersive environments for our global client base in the major American and European markets.”

satis&fy CFO Chris Fleck agrees: “Brexit is no longer a big challenge for us. Thanks to Pixl Evolution, we now have our own office in London, which will enable us to service any client that is currently planning to host events in the UK and in the EU.”

The combined group also broadens their capabilities through specialized areas of event technology including scenic, design and content production, providing clients with the ultimate all-in-one solution for innovative audience engagement around the world.

“We have further transformed the Habegger brand during the pandemic, with a strong focus on creative and digital storytelling,” says Juerg Schwarz, CEO of Habegger. “I am confident our global group and their respective clients will benefit from this combined expertise.”