Corporate Events

All stages of your conference, stockholders’ meeting, press conference, employee event or roadshow – worldwide! From design-to-budget planning, technical and scenic design, production and implementation

Any given company – from global player to local hero benefits from the opportunity to address all stakeholders, customers, employees, business partners, applicants and media representatives thru physical events. Nothing beats emotionalized live momentum. As varied as the aims and formats of events can be, as varied and inexhaustible are the technical and structural possibilities for staging events and anchoring them in the minds of the guests for the long term.

Creating those unforgettable moments from the very beginning is what makes our hearts beat. Orchestrating all disciplines guarantees a lasting positive impression with your target audience.

satis&fy is your best choice from ideation to the conception and planning, up to bringing everything together into this one climaxing live moment. We find the best solution for you, not the simplest one. We love to translate creative concepts into technically creative solutions. We advise you on what is technically and structurally feasible. Our material pool is loaded with innovative technology from leading manufacturers. We act flexibly on both domestic and international terrain. With our locations spread across the globe, we can also provide precise and efficient support for international and globally active customers across all time zones. Regardless of the time of day, we always provide you with a direct contact person.

No matter whether it’s a compulsory or freestyle event, our well-trained teams always act with a keen sense of what is ultimately expected from an event: 24/7 appropriate professionalism. Execution without excuse.

Public Events

Public events such as church congresses, city festivals, public viewings and sporting events differ in the planning and implementation of corporate events. Even the audience is more heterogeneous.

The decision to hold a public event has been taken, they know their audience and the duration of the event. The location is also fixed. But what is to be taken into account with regard to licence fees, Gema, electricity supply, technology and noise protection in public spaces? Different rules apply abroad than in this country. And what happens if a change in weather suddenly jeopardizes the event?

Unfortunately, there is little we can do against weather fluctuations, but from over 25 years of event experience, we know the answers to many of the questions that concern them. We can make your event safe, protect the technical equipment and help you to create a security and hygiene concept. In addition to obtaining all permits, we can provide you with the entire infrastructure package: Barriers, power supply (including cabling and generators), IT, Internet, radiotelephone equipment, temporary production offices, stage trailers for LED walls and show stage, tents, toilets, signage. Including everything else satis&fy is known for: audio, lighting, video and rigging at all the individual locations.

Live Entertainment

Professional planning and execution of concerts, tours, festivals and open-airs

Concerts, tours, festivals, dance shows, revues, musicals – for visitors in most cases an optical and sonic highlight, for the event technicians behind the scenes mostly a special challenge.

After all, the technical and logistical requirements in the fast-moving concert and tour business are diverse, and the demands on lighting, video and live sound are high. Video feeds and live images on projections and LED walls are now part of every tour production, and mobile kinetic systems are also popular.

For over 25 years satis&fy has been active in the music segment. We look after national and international artists, some of whom we have accompanied since their beginnings in the touring business. With Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, two of the most prominent European rock festivals are also on our order pad.

We have both experienced and highly specialized sound engineers, lighting, media and stage designers as well as touring and road and rider-suitable equipment from well-known manufacturers at the start. Our storage capacities are enormous.

Extensive rehearsal studios with access to our complete equipment pool are also available to you at our locations. In Werne we offer you ideal rehearsal conditions with our Studio 20/20 on 400 square metres on a stage scale of 1:1. 100 square metres of studio space are available in Karben for presentation and training purposes. Recently, our event location Fredenhagen in Offenbach, with more than 3,000 square meters of space, also offers plenty of room to prepare stage shows, rehearse procedures and test trade fair stands.

Studio 2020

Rehearsal room to rent for artists, bands, singers, musicians and companies

In this soundproof, acoustically “dry” hall, we offer ideal rehearsal conditions on a stage scale of 400 square metres. If you want, you can pre-build your complete stage show 1 : 1, test everything, rehearse the show, change things, optimize things towards perfection. On top of it you have access to our complete equipment pool getting you to test out, sample and develop it further. The offer is not only aimed at existing customers, anyone can rent the Studio 20/20. The WDR (German TV station) has already broadcasted radio concerts from here and some music videos were shot in Studio 20/20. Photo sessions can also be creatively implemented.

The Studio 20/20, which has been established in 2008, was completely overhauled in 2015, especially in the backstage area, where the artists can retreat in between sessions. Keyword “great hall”. Artists usually rent the first venue of their tour for several days to rehearse – in other words, to do everything they could do in Studio 20/20. Naturally, in Werne our technical warehouse and all the experts for light, sound, video etc. are right next door. No waiting times, short ways, lots of alternative solutions – everything under one roof. No budget headache in Studio 20/20 compared to large live locations. More options, similar services in the Fredenhagen hall in Offenbach. With 3,000 square metres of space, it has plenty of room to prepare and re-build stage shows, rehearse procedures or set up exhibition stands in advance.

In Studio 20/20 Fanta 4, Die Ärzte, Culcha Candela, Cro, AnnenMayKantereit, Giant Rooks, Tokio Hotel and Gentleman have already prepared for their live gigs.

photo: Marcus Simaitis