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No panic! - satis&fy with Udo Lindenberg on tour

Since 2008 satis&fy is responsible for the good sound at Udo Lindenberg concerts, including the “KEINE PANIK!” Tour 2016. Finest speakers from the company L-Acoustics was used.

To fill the locations with appropriate sound, satis&fy used up to 110 loudspeakers from the loudspeaker system K2 and 56 speakers from the K2 system. In addition to that 44 SB-28 took care of the deep tones on tour. The Front PA consisted of a combination of K1 and K2 loudspeakers. The subwoofers were arranged as an End Fire Bass Array.

Especially the realization of a good sound for the upper tier was very time-consuming. Up to four Delay Lines with eight to twelve K2 loudspeakers on each side were used to provide a great sound even for the last corners of the hall. A Rocknet circle connected the Line-Arrays.

The other signal paths were realized by satis&fy through the audio networks Dante with lake amps. Everything was mixed by four Soundcraft VI6 consoles. Two of these consoles were located in the hall. One of the VI6 consoles was responsible for the front sound, while the other one was available as a backup console. The other two consoles were used for the monitor sound. One of the VI6 served for the band, the other one provided the monitor sound for Udo and his guests.

At the request of Udo, monitor wedges were outlaid on the stage. Here they used L-Acoustics X12 and X15. The InEar on the stage was realized through Shure PSM-1000.

satis&fy would like to thank everyone for this amazing tour and is looking forward to the next time!

Photos: Janto Trappe



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